Below are a few scanned pages from various educational brochures and magazine and newspaper supplements aimed at different target markets - Parents, Educational facilities (teachers) and Learners.


Below are a few samples scanned from various pamphlets and flyers. The folded flyers are just scanned full page, the ordermay seem strange but that because they were  scanned flat not taking folds into account.


Many of my latest posters are about Pet Education, mainly for Community Led Animal Welfare is as much about animal advocacy and responsible pet ownership education as it is about saving lives. Below are some of the Posters I designed using photographs I have taken of CLAWbies, some of whom have subsequently died or had to be humanely euthanised as a result of abuse, disease, neglect or being unhomable, BUT some of the "CLAWbies" did find PAWsome forever homes where they are living as cherished, pampered, valued family pack members. To adopt a CLAWbie of your very own, don't delay go today to my (informative adoptions) website

Some Random Stuff