I matriculated from Greenside where I got the Art Trophy in matric. After a BA (Psychology and English) at Wits and a stint in teaching I left to get involved in more creative work and started out at Grey Matter Advertising. Then I worked for and became a CC member of Moonshine Advertising and Gee-Spot Advertising. I have done much work at other agencies and for other agencies, as a freelancer or part of a creative team (including McCann Erickson, The Agency, Adzone & JWT). I started out in advertising as a copywriter, but then developed many D.T.P and management skills. I have relished the challenges involved in both administering an agency as well as taking a job through from headline to deadline.It has been satisfying to see a project through from creative origination through to final reproduction, whether this be in print, radio, television, the internet etc. The experience I have is rich and varied, everything from account management and dealing with clients, co-workers and suppliers, to handling a project every step of the way, from concept through layout presentations, to final reproduction. View my Copywriting Cover Letter and CV.

I have always felt we work to live and that there is more to life than chasing the fast buck in the rat-race...outdoor activities have always given me a great escape (three highlights were running  4 Comrades Marathons, climbing Mt Kilimanjaro 3 times and climbing Mt Elbrus - the highest summit of the European continent). I get satisfaction from testing my stamina and pushing my limits - I consider staying power and going the distance to be two important personality attributes. I was honoured to help two special friends (one with MS the other with Cystic Fibrosis) to summit Kili and started the Dream the Impossible Dream Organisation (DIDO). Compassion and altruism are another two traits I value. I have always been committed to doing voluntary work (including counselling, being a Paws for People Therapy Dog Handler; designing websites, pages and Facebook pages for Animal Welfare groups and much animal adoptions networking and advocacy.).

I have, more recently been doing teaching, lecturing and have my own Counselling and Coaching Practice which I love. My passion is counselling, coaching,mentoring and guidance…. no matter what I teach, aspects of those always come in! I have come full circle . I love too, that I learn and grow EVERY SINGLE DAY…. counselling and communication is NEVER a one way street, it is dynamic and reciprocal… that’s part of what makes it SO EXCITING! I have learnt to be humble and fully accept that I am also never too old to learn! 

As an animal advocate I believe in living a meaningful life. I aim to give a voice to the voiceless and acknowledge that the plight of animals is so dire that it is vital that we engage in animal advocacy that optimally challenges attitudes and perceptions about animals, as well as humans treatment of them.